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Authentic Helmets vs Full Size Replica - What is the difference?

What is the difference between the NFL Full Size Replica Helmets and the NFL Authentic Proline Helmets by Riddell?

We have been selling these helmets for over 10 years now and this question comes up more than any other question we get at Sideline MVP. Here are the differences.

Size: Even though they are both full size, the NFL replica helmet is approximately an inch smaller and the logos on the side of helmets are smaller on the nfl full size replica helmets. Both helmets use the same thickness vinyl for the decals and stripes.


Material: The NFL authentic helmets are made out of a polycarbonate material which is the same as what players wear on the field. The authentic is heavyier than the replica which is made out of a different material.


Chinstrap: The NFL Authentic football helmet has a 4 point chin strap and the replica helmet has a 2 point chin strap.


Interior: The Authentic NFL Helmets have a genuine leather interior padding and ear pieces that snap in and out. The Replica Helmet is not leather inside, but a foam insert and the ear pieces are foam and do not snap.


Facemask: The facemask will be the same on both helmets.


Price: The NFL Authentic helmets will be approximately $100 more than the NFL replica helmets on our website.


Bottom Line: From a distance and in a display case you would not really be able to tell a difference between the nfl authentic and replica helmets. Wwhen you get up close, you will see there is a big difference in quality, padding, weight, and price.


Both helmets are great and we sell just as many replicas as we do authentics. Riddell and the NFL now have the NFL Authentic Speed Helmets.


We hope this page will help you have a better grasp on the differences between a full size replica helmet and an authentic helmet from the NFL.


   Picture of Replica Helmet                Picture of Authentic Helmet

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